No Bullsh*t Project by Kyle Nitchen

A Project Managers Guide to Leading Successful Projects with Confidence

Lead successful projects with confidence.

Are you a Project Manager looking to transform the way you handle complex construction projects?

If you want to get all the need-to-knows laid out for you clearly, methodically, and enjoyably over 138 short pages, then No Bullshit Project is the way to do it. It'll put you straight into the top 1% of strategic thinkers for the price of a cocktail. Check it out at one of the following links, or wherever you like to buy books.

Here are just some of the practical things you'll learn in the book:

    • Mastering Complexity: Learn to navigate through the intricate and often tumultuous journey of managing complex construction projects with poise and strategy.
    • Behavioral Archetypes: Understand, embody, and leverage the (7) Behavioral Archetypes to mitigate challenges and steer projects toward success.
    • Achieving Predictability: Implement strategies that ensure outcomes are not left to chance, fostering a culture of predictability in project trajectories.
    • Career Success: Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to not only lead projects to success but also to carve out a stellar career in construction management


Most project outcomes are, let’s face it, bullsh*t.

And I mean that in the most technical sense.

Over budget and late is the norm.

Projects today are increasingly complex. It’s HARD. The building process is filled with variation and unknowns. Yet the expectations are sky high. Owners want them done in light speed and for reasonable cost.

"No Bullsh*t Project" emerges as a beacon of insight, guiding project managers through the complexity and challenges inherent in bringing construction projects to successful fruition. This book is not merely a guide; it is a comprehensive toolkit designed to empower project managers to transcend conventional management strategies and achieve predictable, positive outcomes in an industry often synonymous with unpredictability.

Kyle Nitchen weaves through the multifaceted world of construction management, introducing readers to the (7) Behavioral Archetypes that every project manager must embody to ascend to peak leadership and ensure project success. These archetypes - (1) The Communicator, (2) The Enforcer, (3) The Builder, (4) The Leader, (5) The Attorney, (6) The Accountant, and (7) The Business Developer - are detailed out, providing a roadmap to mastering the multifarious challenges encountered in construction projects.

"No Bullsh*t Project" dives deep into each archetype, highlighting how they intertwine with the various facets of construction management, from communication and enforcement of policies to leadership, legal considerations, financial management, and business development. Readers will embark on a transformative journey, exploring detailed anecdotes, real-world scenarios, and actionable strategies that bring each archetype to life, providing a clear pathway to integrating these pivotal roles into their management approach.

This book is an invaluable resource for both seasoned and budding project managers in the construction industry, providing a novel perspective and pragmatic strategies to navigate through the complexities and achieve success in projects and career alike. "No Bullsh*t Project" is more than a guide; it is your ally in ensuring that the path to mastering construction complexity and achieving predictable outcomes is not just attainable but is, indeed, a journey marked with strategic triumphs and enriched learning.

Your path to mastering complexity and achieving predictability in an unpredictable environment begins here.


CH 1: Finding the Path


  1. A Dying Industry
  2. Drinking From The Fire Hose
  3. The New Era

CH. 2: The 7 Archetypes


  • What is an archetype?
  • What are the 7 archetypes?


CH 3: Archetype #1 - The Communicator


  • Characteristics of The Communicator
  • The Minto Pyramid Principle
  • Clear Communication
  • Revealing Your Hidden Genius with DISC


CH 4: Archetype #2 - The Enforcer


  • Characteristics of The Enforcer
  • Culture of Accountability
  • Create a Compelling Scoreboard
  • Establish a Single Source of Truth


CH 5: Archetype #3 - The Builder


  • Characteristics of The Builder
  • Lean Construction
  • Project Production Management
  • Constructability
  • MEP Systems


CH 6: Archetype #4 - The Leader


  • Characteristics of The Leader
  • The 10 Tenets of New Leaders
  • Be the Captain Your Team Needs
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • The Eye of the Storm


CH 7: Archetype #5 - The Attorney


  • Characteristics of The Attorney
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Register
  • Writing Contracts


CH 8: Archetype #6 - The Accountant


  • Characteristics of The Accountant
  • Forecasting
  • The Cost Report
  • Project Controls


CH 9: Archetype #7 -

The Business Developer


  • Characteristics of The Business Developer
  • Be The Guide, Not The Hero
  • Business Development in 11 Words


CH. 10: The Essentials of Successful Project Leadership


CH. 11: The Future of Construction


CH. 12: Conclusion